Family Members

Here are the family members which make up the Waller – Warren Family Clan! I’ll aim to make a better one soon.

We all descend from George Frederick Carl Waller and Blakeley Warren (either one side or both).

George Frederick Carl Waller; born 6 May 1893 in Chicago, Cook County, IL – married Elizabeth Lillian Virginia Brown
— George Frank John Waller, born 12 Nov 1918; married Jane Helen Warren (daughter of Ora Belle Warren, sister of Nancy Warren)

— George Anthony Waller married Ann Iwanciwski, then married Darlene Hull

—- Lisa Waller Shea (daughter of George & Ann) married Timothy Shea
—– James Tiberius Shea

—- Jennifer Eve Rebecca Waller (daughter of George & Ann), married Dale Mottram, Jr.
—– Artem Waller (born Jeremy Mottram)
—– Dale Mottram III (Dale Mottram’s son)
—– Kate Mottram (Dale Mottram’s son)
—– Billy Mottram (Dale Mottram’s son)

—- Cassion Waller (daughter of George & Darlene)

—- Thamzen Waller (daughter of George & Darlene), married Charles Carson
—– Dakin Carson

— Rebecca Ann Waller, Knoxville, Knox County, TN; married Michael Stanley Hall

—- Matt Hall

—- Paige Hall, married Jeff Espenship
—– Kai Espenship

— Blake Edwin Waller, White Plains, Westchester County, NY. Married Jacquelyn Anne Inabinet; married Tammy.

—- Lori Beth Jane Waller (from Blake and Jacquelyn) – married DJ
—– Caleb, age 10
—– Owen, age 8

—- Heather, married Chad Fanning
—– Andy
—– Annsleigh
—– Luke
—– Jacob

—- Josh

—- Nicole, married Cy
—– Piper

— Bruce Albert Waller, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Guanabara; married Karen Elaine McMahan; married Laura Mason.

—- Jason Blakeley Waller (from Bruce and Karen), married Kate
—– Hank

—- Kyle (Laura’s child)
—- Kirby (Laura’s child)
—- Kelsey (Laura’s child)

— Dorothy Mae Caroline Waller (George’s sister), born 30 Aug 1921; married Vincent Victor LaBon Sr

— Vincent Victor LaBon Jr “Vince”; Oak Park, Cook County, IL; married Annette Nolan
— Steven Wayne LaBon also went by the name of “Steve”; Oak Park, Cook County, IL.
— Beth Ann LaBon; Elmhurst, IL – She married Gerald Martin



— Nancy Warren (Jane Warren’s older sister), born June 8th, 1918 in Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Nancy married Lynnwood Grammar during WWII.
— Warren Lee Grammar, married Kate

— Joe Warren (Jane Warren’s older brother) had:
— Julie Warren Castleberry
—- Blake Castleberry
— Joe Warren
— Blake Warren

From Julie Castleberry: Your great Uncle Joe died while still on active duty as the CO of Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station in 1966. He was a WWII and Korean War veteran.

Family Ancestors
Ann Foster – Salem Witch Trials