Hobnail Bedsheet

Hobnail Cream Bedspread with Floral Design

This bedspread was used by my grandfather George Frank Waller and my grandmother Jane Warren Waller. It is a cream color. Its design uses raised dots. It features ribbons, stars, and flowers. The edge is fringed.

This type of a style is called “hobnail” and has a long history in the US. It’s called hobnail because the lines of dots resemble hobnails in boots. Hobnails in boots were used back to the Roman days, to provide traction.

Hobnail in fabric is related to chenille. With chenille the tops of the dots are cut open so they are fuzzy and soft.

This hobnail bedspread is currently in the possession of Lisa Shea (granddaughter).

Photos by Lisa Shea.

These next two images show the bedspread folded twice, so you are seeing a quarter of the bedspread.

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