Jane Waller Warren Bom Natal

Bom Natal Brazil Merry Christmas Watercolor

My (Lisa Shea’s) grandmother Jane Warren Waller lived from 1924 to 1977. She was a talented watercolor painter. During the mid-1950s she lived with the family in Brazil, which is where her husband George worked at the time.

This Bom Natal / Merry Christmas card seems to have been painted during that time. It is about 5″ tall and seems to be done in watercolor. It is signed with her artist name of Pol Shane.

From my father George Waller:

Yes, “Bom Natal” means “Merry Christmas” in Portuguese and this card was created by my mother in Brazil most likely in 1958….Christmas 1959 we were in Connecticut, Christmas 1960 we were back in Brazil but my recollection is that 1958 is the year.


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