Nancy Grammer Letter – Christmas

Lisa Shea was working on a research project in 2002. Lisa wrote her great-aunt Nancy Warren Grammer for information about Nancy’s childhood. Nancy was the older sister of Lisa’s grandmother Jane Warren Waller. The three siblings were born in rural Tennessee and their childhood was during the Great Depression.

Nancy – June 8, 1918
Joe – January 3, 1921
Jane – December 4, 1924

This letter was written by Nancy dated November 19, 2002. She’s responding to a few of Lisa’s questions. “Mamaw” was the nickname for her mother Ora Belle Warren. Tony was the nickname for Lisa’s father, George Anthony Waller (Nancy’s nephew). R.P. was Robert Pleasant Smith (Jr), Ora Belle’s much-younger brother.

Ora Belle was part of a HUGE family. Her father Robert Pleasant Smith had 9 kids through the first wife, Nancy Jane Hunter. Then he had 12 more kids through the second wife, Alma Elizabeth Hutchinson. Plus a few others too. Ora Bell was child #6 from wife #1; H.P. was born in 1920, child #1 from wife #2. So Ora Belle’s half brother was the same age as her own children.

~ ~ ~

Nancy Jane’s line is a mystery to me too and to mother. Sorry I don’t know Mr. Thompson. I was in Ripley at that time.

Mother’s hospitalization was probably when she had 5 feet of her intestines removed. …


We frequently quote Tony who said it often during the day – “Doin’ Mamaw?”

And we quote Mamaw’s saying – “I can listen to the radio and iron.”

And we quote Joe often.

He and R. P. were both about 4 years old. They were participating in a children’s program at church. It was Christmastime.

R. P. was really Joe’s uncle, but they were more like brothers.

It was R. P.’s time to come on.

He started off robustly – Dear Santa Claus — Dear Santa Claus — Dear Santa Claus.

After the 3rd effort, in his deepest 4 years old voice, Joe said demandingly, “Sit down, R. P.”

R.P. sat down and the congregation roared. They liked that a lot better than the intended contribution.

Guess this is more than I know. Always enjoy your letters.

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