Daniel Warren

Daniel Warren – 1791 to 1876

The patriarch of our Warren family is Daniel Warren. Daniel was born on March 6, 1791 in Nash, North Carolina. There are hints of the parentage of Daniel Warren which can be gleaned from wills and other documentation. It seems that Daniel Warren was perhaps the biological son of William Henrick and Mary. William Henrick died, and Mary then married Daniel Warren (another man). The son, Daniel, took on the name Warren along with his mother.

My father George Waller went to the Nash County NC courthouse on June 24, 1971 and copied deed 5:247 (18 Jan 1806 / May Court 1811). Daniel Warren of Sumner Co TN to William Briant of Nash Co “My part of land where Elizabeth Hedrick now lives formerly property of Wm Hendrick decd which fell to my wife Mary Warren.” 25 acres.

On the other hand, my dad also writes “family tradition is that Daniel “wore” the name Warren but was born Haynes.” So he could be from Haynes lineage.

We know that Daniel Warren (the son) served in the War of 1812 and a descendant had that sword. Around 1812 we believe Daniel married Nancy Jackson and had 9 kids. Then in 1821 he married Priscilla Newsom and had three more kids.

There are quite a lot of property records and other records to corroborate all of this. With 12 kids, Daniel becomes quite a known person.

Daniel died on January 8, 1876, in Moore, Tennessee, with quite a large family. This becomes a massive extended family in the Tennessee region.

Here’s the beginning of a letter that Ora Belle Smith (wife of Blakeley Warren) wrote to her son Joe L. Warren on November 30, 1956 about this Daniel Warren ancestor. To Ora Belle, this was as far back as she knew.

“1. A few family history facts before I forget all of it. Some of this from records, some told by old people in the Warren and Smith families.


(1) _____ Warren – settled in Moore Co. on Mulberry Creek – near kind of Lincoln and Bedford Counties. He was very wealthy. All? told 2 grandsons Dan and Jim Warren if they’d lift a large bucket of gold coins which they found in a big hollow stump he’d give it to them. They could not lift it. Dan said he saw a trunk filled with gold coins in the attic of the pioneer house. This Warren was twice married. Had 2 large families. His second wife (young) was named Priscilla ____. He called her Priscie until he became provoked with her and then called her “Priss”. Her children moved toward Petersburg and Shelbyville while the older group moved south toward Giles Co.

(2) Thomas Warren was a son by the first wife. He was killed during Civil War. He was a Confederate. He was married to Annie Bedford. Bedford Co. was named for her people. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of her people.

For all of my father’s detailed copious notes about Daniel Warren, be sure to visit:


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