Sterling Silver Vintage Baby Cup – 550 – Tony

This sterling silver vintage baby cup was made for my father George Anthony “Tony” Waller. He was born in 1946.

It says “Sterling” on its bottom.

The cup is marked with 559 on it. This is a pattern number.

It’s also marked with a trio of marks indicating who made it. I can’t figure out which company this belongs to. The top two are diamonds – squares at an angle – with what looks like an R in one and a F in the other. Below them is a square sitting flat with a B in it.

This cup was extremely tarnished (black) when I got it – I didn’t even realize there was a name etched into it. It took me a while to clean it up enough for these photos.

Thamzen Waller Carson now has this cup.

These photos of our vintage silver baby cup were taken by Lisa Shea and are copyright to Lisa Shea.

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