Lisa Shea 1998 Questionnaire

In 1997, Lisa Shea began a project to put together a Waller Family Questionnaire. Here are her own answers!

Name: Lisa Shea

Age (as of June 30 1998): 29

Favorite Food: corned beef & cabbage, Boston creme pie. Bob’s
ice cream-kaluah-hershey’s syrup-Baileys-chocolate sprinkles drink.

If I were an animal, I would be: a black panther, protective of its young, solitary and free roaming.

The most interesting trip I went on was (and because): Hmmmm, a tough question. I love to travel and see new things, so every trip has its interesting parts. I’m tempted to say Ireland because we hiked mountains, wandered rocky beaches, drove glens and saw puffins. We probably saw the most “new” things there – rock formations, land types, birds, types of ocean. Then again, just biking on the Cape, seeing the turtle, walking the ocean was wonderful. Camping near Newport was wonderful. It’s all wonderful 🙂

The neatest natural phenomenon I’ve witnessed was:

A gorgeous sunset over the Kennedy Compound out on Cape Cod. We were just driving around the Cape for the day, seeing where Bob spent his summers, and near the end of the day the sky started getting rosy. We drove up to the golf course and sat in our car. Tons of people kept driving up to marvel at the sunset. It was all colors of the rainbow, stretching across the entire sky, fading and lighting and rippling for over a half hour. Truly incredible.

I feel my best skills are:

Communicating. I love writing people, making newsletters, writing articles. I like organizing things – dart tournaments for work, gaming nights for friends, ski trips or camping weekends. I’m a good seamstress, great programmer, avid researcher. I can ski, horseback ride, mountain bike, SCUBA dive, roller blade, volleyball, soccer, throw darts, contra dance … and play pool like a shark! I don’t plunk in front of the TV every night – I decide what things I want to do, or learn, and act! Perhaps that’s my favorite skill of all – just doing and living.

If my house was on fire and everybody (and all pets) were out safe, the one thing would I grab on my way out the window would be: Photos!! Hopefully now that my poetry is out with friends and family I could get a copy back from someone and not lose that. Photos, only I have though. A record of my life (and my family and friends) from day 1. All the good times, the bad times. Come to think of it, I should scan those all in – grin -.

Special Days in 1997:
Whole Ireland trip May-June
Sept 18: VA Beach
Oct 9th: Parakeet Day!!

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