Cassion Waller 1998 Questionnaire

In 1997, Lisa Shea began a project to put together a Waller Family Questionnaire. Cassion Waller, her brother, was one of the people who responded to that call. Here are his answers!

Name: Cassion Waller

Age (as of June 30 1998): 13

Favorite Food: Mozzarella sticks

If I were an animal, I would be: lynx

The most interesting trip I went on was (and because): To Quebec, it was fun.

The neatest natural phenomenon I’ve witnessed was: A huge bird fly in front of our car.

I feel my best skills are: Shooting and writing

If my house was on fire and everybody (and all pets) were out safe, the one thing would I grab on my way out the window would be: my picture book.

Days that were interesting over the past year were: over friends.

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