Matthew Hall 1998 Questionnaire

In 1997, Lisa Shea began a project to put together a Waller Family Questionnaire. Matthew Hall, her cousin, was one of the people who responded to that call. Here are his answers!

Name: Matthew Hall

Age (as of June 30 1998): 22 years old

Favorite Food: Stromboli, Spinach Lasagna, Falafels, Fajitas, Tacos… (I’m drooling just thinking about this question)

If I were an animal, I would be: Dolphin

The most interesting trip I went on was (and because): European Vacation, I studied art in Paris, the women in the Riviera, Snowskiing on the Matterhorn, Switzerland, life in a previously communist society in Prague, How a wall can crumble in Berlin, No comment in Amsterdam, Castles in Belgium, and the lesson of love in London…. Wouldn’t give anything in the world for that experience.

The neatest natural phenomenon I’ve witnessed was: the aftermath of a tornado in Tennessee, lightning striking a power converter in Kentucky,

I feel my best skills are: Procrastinating, channel surfing, finding excuses not to do homework.

If my house was on fire and everybody (and all pets) were out safe, the one thing would I grab on my way out the window would be: My Jazz collection

Days that were interesting over the past year were:I don’t know how else to say I had almost sixty of them in Europe…

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