Fox River Illinois Pastel by George Frederick Carl Waller

George Frederick Carl Waller (1893-1945) was a talented artist who worked in many media. This is a pastel painting of the Fox River in Illinois, probably done around 1909. We also have two watercolor paintings done by George of the same type of scenery.

From Becky Waller Hall on 6-14-2018:

My dad (George F Waller) gave me a pastel that his father (George F C Waller) did. I wasn’t sure if it is a pastel or oil pastel. I friend of mine looked it over and it’s a pastel. I just took it to be re-framed archivally today. It might have been in the details of the painting you sent to me, but I remember Dad saying that his father took some courses from the Art Institute of Chicago. Very respected art school. I looked up the information to contact them and see if we can find out if he took regular courses or fun night courses. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

If anybody else has any other information on this painting, please let us know!

Becky created a high quality print image from this painting. Here are prints and other items from FineArtAmerica with it:

Here are t-shirts, mugs, and other items with the image:

This photo of the pastel painting was taken by Becky Hall and is used here with permission.

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