Webster Company Bunny Rabbit Baby Silver Cup

This sterling silver baby cup was made by the Webster Company of North Attleboro. It has a delightful almost art-deco style scene around it of a rabbit teacher in a dress, in a schoolroom, teaching to a group of young baby bunnies. The bunnies are sitting at desks and one is reading a book. One bunny is late and is running toward the open door of the schoolhouse.

The silver cup has a monogram – F N.

It is currently in the possession of Jennifer Waller Mottram.

The mark on it says Sterling and then it has an arrow with the letters CW. This was the silver mark used by the Webster Company of North Attleboro, Massachusetts. I lived in North Attleboro for two years :). I lived there when my son was born (although we went to a hospital in Providence for the actual birth).

The Webster Company was founded in 1869 by George K. Webster, and at the time it was called the G. K. Webster and Company. After he died in 1894 the company simply became the Webster Company. They were known for making things for babies and also elegant home items. In 1950 they became a part of Reed & Barton. In 2015 the original buildings were in such bad shape that they were collapsing on themselves and were taken down.

Webster Company Silver Makers History
Webster Buildings Collapsing

This exact cup was listed on Ebay for $70 – that listing is now gone.

Apparently this was part of a set, I’ve found a matching bowl and plate online although not currently available for purchase.

All photos of my silver Webster cup are taken by Lisa Shea and copyright to Lisa Shea.

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