George Waller and Elizabeth Waller

This photo was supplied by Becky Waller Hall.

It shows husband and wife:
George Frederick Carl Waller (1893-1945)
Elizabeth “Betty” Lillian Virginia Brown Waller (1894-1976)

This couple had two children. George Frank John Waller was my grandfather. Dorothy Mae Caroline Waller was my great-aunt Dot.

George FC Waller died in 1945 at his son’s wedding. It was quite traumatic for the whole family.

From my father, George A Waller: “My father mentioned a little about his father. On his death bed, at the wedding you mentioned George FC told my father George FJ “never go to sleep angry with your wife.” George FC played sports and loved the Cubs. He and my Dad remodeled the cabin at Fox River. George FC was mild mannered and the only time my Dad heard him curse was after my father showed his father how the wood turning machine in their basement could shoot a piece of wood across the room. George FC did not approve and said “Jesus Christ.””

Let me know of any memories you might have of the two! If you go through these pages, you’ll see that George FC was quite a talented painter.

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