Caroline Waterstradt Waller and Family

This photo was supplied by Becky Waller Hall. George Waller feels it was taken around 1909. The man in the top left is George Frederick Carl Waller, my great-grandfather on my father’s side. He would have been 16 in this photo. He was a talented painter and for example painted this watercolor in 1909 – George F. C. Waller Watercolor Painting

George was born in Illinois. His father, Carl, was born in Stade, Germany. Carl arrived in the US in 1881 at age 21. George was born 12 years later.

Top row:
George Frederick Carl Waller (1893-1945)
Charles Waller (1889-1924), George’s older brother
John Waller (1891-1958), George’s other older brother

Bottom row:
Caroline “Lena” Joachine Therese Waterstradt Waller (1861-1957), George’s mother
Edna Emma Hattie Waller (1901-1989), George’s younger sister
Carl Johann Friedrich Waller (1859-1916), George’s father
Anna Johanna Wilhemina Augusta Waller (1888-1918), George’s older sister

Let me know if you have any memories of any of these people!

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