Gorman Chantilly Duchess Silver Candelabras

These Gorman Chantilly Duchess silver candelabras came from George Waller’s collection and are now with Lisa Shea.

George has no specific memories about the candelabras but knows they came from his parents George and Jane Waller.

The pair is silver. Each has a central candle holder along with two side candleholders. There is decorative edging along the base, the central ring, and each ring beneath each candle.

More photos:

The text at the bottom of each one says: Gorham Sterling cement filled reinforced with rod of other metal 749.

Gorham as a silver maker dates back to the 1831 in Providence, Rhode Island. They were used by the White House several times. In 1967 it was bought out and since then it’s been sold several times. It’s now part of Lenox.

Candleabras were often filled with a heavier material to help them not tip over and set the house on fire :).

Here’s a gallery of images of the candleabra –

This candelabra appears to be the Gorman Chantilly Duchess model of candelabra, as seen in this below image at AntiqueCupboard. Ours is a newer version of the candelabra. Our base contains plain text.

Gorman Chantilly model of candelabra

Looking on Ebay these candelabras in our vintage timeframe are worth $400 to $500 each.

All photos of our silver candelabras are taken by Lisa Shea and copyright to Lisa Shea.

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