George Anthony Waller with mom Jane Warren Waller

I love this photo! This is a photo of my dad, George Anthony Waller, when he was quite young. He’s with his mother, Jane Warren Waller. She was born December 4, 1924.

On June 30 1945, when she was 20, she married a returning WWII veteran, George Frank John Waller. She had just graduated college a few weeks earlier.

This was taken at a trailer camp in Martin, Tennessee, in 1947, when my dad was a year old. She was just 22.

George (the father) was born November 12, 1918, so he was 28.

The location was known as “Trailer Village Number 15”. Many of these popped up to house the returning WWII veterans.

Before that, they lived at “Trailer Village Number 8” also in Martin, TN.

Martin, TN has its own historic facebook page!

By 1948 they had moved on to a “Veteran’s Village” in Knoxville, TN.

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