Pol Shane Painting of Man with Pole / Fisherman

This painting of a man holding what seems to be fishing gear was painted by Pol Shane, aka Jane Warren Waller who was born on 4 Dec 1924. The back of the painting is unmarked.

It is currently in the possession of Lisa Shea. This will be sent to Thamzen Waller once full documentation of it is complete.

From George A. Waller:
Painted by Jane Warren Waller (“Pol Shane”) (1924-1997) in Rio de Janeiro ca 1959.

Here is the story of how Jane got the name of Pol Shane:

Pol Shane and Joe

The signature:

The full painting:

That matting paper was old and damaging the painting. Lisa had National Gallery in Millbury MA dis-assemble it, re-mat it with acid-free paper, use museum-quality glass for crystal clear viewing, and reframe it. We kept the original frame as it is an antique and unique.

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Photos of this painting were taken by Lisa Shea and are copyright to Lisa Shea.

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