Oldwick, New Jersey

George Anthony Waller and Lisa Shea visited this location in January, 2002. George left for UCONN in 1964, and his family moved to Oldwick, New Jersey in 1965. He was home for the summer over the summers of 1965 and 1966, his sophmore and junior years.

The home was on Ridge Road, a long, twisty road which lead up Hell’s Mountain. His home was at the very top, with a gorgeous view out over the landscape. Dad’s room was in back and had a great view. Apparently you can see this mountain from very far away, and can see the birds and bats circling over it. While he lived there there were no house numbers, but it is now numbered #31, home of Robert Lorello.

From Becky:

The Oldwick house looks like they converted the garage. I don’t remember the picture window on the front right. Dad also put a swimming pool in the back several years after we moved in and would unwind after his day at work skimming and cleaning the pool. I know we all enjoyed the pool, but my dad found it really a peaceful project. My mom also would get on a tear and decide to clear out half the trees in the back to get a better view. One day Blake and Bruce (always called ‘The Boys’) said they were going to cut down a tree and Mom said sure . . . thinking they would cut down some bush somewhere. The she heard a little “Timber . . .” followed by a huge crash and the landscape view was greatly improved. You couldn’t put anything past Blake or Bruce.

More details:

Oldwick, New Jersey House Details

These photos were taken by Lisa Shea and are copyright to Lisa Shea.

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