George Frederick Carl Waller Landscape Painting

This landscape painting was created by George Frederick Carl Waller, born 6 May 1893 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. He was the father of George Frank John Waller, born 1918. Lisa Shea (daughter of George Anthony Waller) currently has this.

From George A. Waller: My grandfather (George F. Waller, 1893-1945) painted two scenes of the Fox River, one dated 1909 and both signed by him. The Fox River is in Illinois (not sure where the family summer cottage was).

From Lisa Shea: If the family owned a summer cottage surely there are land records? That would be fun to know about, to go visit it. Especially if I’m going to be making up mugs and prints and things with these images on them ;). We could go out on a field trip to visit the area. Is there any way to search Illinois land records for real estate he owned in his lifetime?

This one is indeed dated ’09.

The back has lots of writing on it. George A. Waller was meticulous in laying out its information. You can see that he had claimed it back in 1969 and had it in his possession in 1972.

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