400 Quaker Road, Chappaqua, NY

George Anthony Waller and Lisa Waller visited this house in May 2004.

The Waller family was only in Chappaqua for six months. At the time, youngest child Bruce had a club foot so Jane Waller took the four kids “home” to New York to have it worked on. They left George back in Brazil to keep working. The group arrived at the beginning of summer, and only stayed for the first half of 8th grade. It was tough for them coming from being in Brazil for 2 years. They went from the sunny beaches and oceanfront to this Chappaqua home, right on a main road, no kids to play with.

It’s a historic house. George had the room on the second floor, front right corner by the chimney. Here are photos of his window. He remembers climbing out the window and down the chimney to gallivant at night. His bed was right by that window and he slept with it open, with no screen. He says he could easily have rolled right out.

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400 Quaker Road, Chappaqua, NY House

The photos of this house were taken by Lisa Shea and are copyright to Lisa Shea.

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