11 Greenwood Lane, Valhalla NY

George Anthony Waller and Lisa Shea visited this family location in May, 2004.

George said there were no light-posts by the driveway before. His room was right by the door. He knew all the kids on the street, there were 5 the same age. The kids would steal wood and nails from building sites to build forts. These were mostly tree forts. The suburb was still being extended while they lived here. They could walk 1/4 mile to reservoir and play in the woods.

His family had a dog named Pepper – half poodle, half something. It was black and a medium size. George called the dog Woov-gaii. Woov came from the word dwarf, and gaii from somewhere unknown.

Full details from this trip:

11 Greenwood Lane, Valhalla NY Trip

The photos of this house were taken by Lisa Shea and are copyright to Lisa Shea.

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